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It's crippling.  You feel numb, like you have to drag your feet through quicksand just to get one step closer to the life you want. You know life has the potential to be so much BIGGER than this: there must be an easier way  out of this fog, but you find yourself trapped in overwhelm just trying to think of the way out. 

I've been there, a few times. 

Over the years I've collected a toolbox of practices that help drag myself out of that fog fast and it doesn't have any control over my life anymore - R I S E is my way of handing that toolbox over to you, so you can find freedom and build a life beyond your wildest dreams faster than I did.

With my hand holding yours for 12 weeks, together we will build your personalised cocktail  of practices to move from chaos to calm. 

Rise above stress, anxiety and imbalance to find inner calm and physical freedom in 12 weeks. 

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R I S E is a holistic lifestyle programme which is 100% tailored to your needs right now.

No two clients ever have exactly same experience and that's why R I S E really works, but there are some common pillars I share with everyone: 




yoga & EMBODIED Movement

ayurvedic lifestyle principles 

LIFE COACHING & self reflection 

Ellie has a way of gently encouraging you to fully believe that you can do anything - I left R I S E  feeling stronger in my practice, more empowered and confident than I'd ever felt!



I worked with Ellie privately both for yoga classes and her ayurvedic yoga massage treatments. The combination of the two (plus some other exercises Ellie taught me) completely healed my chronic knee pain - I'm also a lot more confident and relaxed day to day now than I ever was before! 



Ellie's teaching is humble and intuitive. She just KNOWS: she understands the body, the mind and how to help you heal so well...I have no idea how she does it! 



This sounds perfect for me, I'm in!

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