We all have a story.

Here's mine...

let's practice

It all started with a Nintendo Wii Fit. 

Yes, really! - My first experience of yoga was on a video game, after I stopped dancing aged 17. 

I danced competitively for most of my teens, it was really my freedom growing up and I loved it, but I’d stopped to pursue my big dream of being a fashion designer - “The next Alexander McQueen” to be precise and I wouldn’t take anything less than that!

I continued practicing yoga here and there on youtube through college and the first years of my fashion degree...but then things changed.   

Work started to pile up and any kind of movement went out the window. I started becoming more and more anxious, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food, I started to believe in myself less and less and I completely fell out of love with what I was doing…

Fashion, the path I thought was my big dream and bright future became a source of darkness, and I started to question everything.

I vividly remember sitting up alone one night: I was in my final year of my degree and I stayed up late to work on a project. I had a moment of clarity where I looked deeply at what I was doing and *literally* out of nowhere a thought rushed into my mind:

 "screw this, I'm  going to be a yoga teacher!”

At the time I laughed it off, because believe it of not I’d still never actually practiced yoga outside of my bedroom, I'd never set foot in a yoga studio or practiced with a real teacher! But it was a thought that began to haunt me...

So much so that after I'd finished my degree in 2012 I took a bold leap of faith and travelled to India to compete my 200hr teacher training - I mean, when something haunts you like that, you've gotta follow it! 

In the end I did it with the intention of getting the idea out of my system, just to answer the call and to learn for the sake of learning; without a single expectation or plan to really teach afterwards.

That trip to India became the first of MANY. 

Since then I've devoted my life to this practice and I’ve taught everywhere, to anyone who would listen: in country village halls,  in the most respected yoga studios in London, in a private home in the Seychelles, celebrities in 5* hotel rooms, CEOs and Middle Eastern royals.

I've seen that no matter who you are, your background, privilege, age, body type or physical ability: yoga can help you. It has a way of slowly working its magic through you, however you need it.  

It's been a guiding light for me through everything, and can't wait to share it with you!


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