What do you do when a strong voice within tells you to throw out all you thought would make you happy, and chase a completely different path instead? 

You follow it.

let's practice

After spending the majority of my childhood with one big dream of becoming a fashion designer and owning my own label, the reality of chasing that life was quite the opposite of the happiness I’d dreamt of. 

I felt contracted, and I found myself stuck in patterns of overwhelm, harmful self-criticism, anxiety and a complete loss of love for what I enjoyed the most. 

Until I had an intuitive pull to turn the page and begin again. 

I looked around at the way I was living with a deep feeling that there must be more than my reality, and the exact words that ran through my mind at that moment were: "screw this, I’m going to be a yoga teacher!"

…a wildly out of the blue idea! But it was a thought that haunted me. So much that I felt like had no option but to listen.

So, in 2012, armed with the intention to simply listen to that intuition and learn for the sake of learning, I travelled to India for the first time to complete my teacher training…and that trip to India became the first of MANY.

What spiralled from that course was an inner sense of empowerment, quietness and a freedom that I’d never experienced before,  along with a purposeful feeling that I simply had to share all I’d learned with anyone who was willing to listen. 

Since then I've devoted my life to this practice and I’ve taught everywhere: in country village halls,  in the most respected yoga studios in London, in a private home in the Seychelles, celebrities in 5* hotel rooms, CEOs and Middle Eastern royals. 

I continue to study at the heart of Ashtanga yoga, Mysore, under the direction of my teacher R. Sharath Jois as much I possibly can.  As well as absorbing teachings from a variety of different experts, lineages and healing modalities to be able to offer my students and clients a tailored approach to well-being, healing and living yoga inside and out.

I’ve practiced as an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage therapist for 7 years, a transformative technique that I’m proud to say I now teach, and I even dipped my toe back into the fashion world; owning a sustainable yoga clothing company called NITARA which was featured in Vogue, Tatler, Om Yoga Magazine and was nominated for a Drapers Sustainable Fashion Award. 

Over my journey I’ve witnessed that no matter who you are, your background, privilege, age, body type or physical ability: yoga can help you and transform you if you’re ready to receive that transformation. It has a way of slowly working its magic through you, however you need it.  

It's been a guiding light for me through everything, and can't wait to share it with you!


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15min guided meditation for releasing overwhelming or limiting thoughts