It's my intention to create an inclusive and  inspiring online space of joy, exploration and transformation. Through the wisdom of Ashtanga yoga, the Online Mysore Room offers you the opportunity  to reconnect within: to find freedom in your body, to quieten your mind and to grow.
I've tried a lot of movement modalities and different expressions of yoga in my life, but the Ashtanga yoga system brings a quietness to my body and mind like nothing else, it's a feeling I can't quite explain...but I know for sure I'm not the only one who feels it! I've taught this method to many people and, as a teacher, there's a moment I witness in everyones practice where I can literally see a spark being lit within ...It's like an inner spark of "Actually, I can!", an inner trusting, a full body "YES" to the experience. Then over time I have the extreme privilege of watching that spark turn into wildfire: day by day they start to bloom, to trust  and that is the most beautiful thing.

Wherever you are on your yoga journey, I'm here to listen and support you.

1:1 attention and the supportive energy of community, all from the comfort of your own home.
  MON-Weds-friday 7-8:30am gmt


From the comfort of your own home you can...




Bring Health & vitality to your whole body 

Qieten your mind: relieving stress & anxiety 

boost confidence by empowering your body & building inner strength

this is for you if...

it's not for you if...

You want to begin or develop your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home 

You have an open mind and  want to dedicate some time to your own health & wellbeing

You're a complete beginner to yoga through to experienced Ashtanga primary and 2nd series practitioners 

You're looking for guidance with Ashtanga Advanced A series or higher - I can however direct you to another teacher  if that's you!

You don't wan't to practice yoga from home

how does it work? 

Log via the Zoom link at ANYTIME between 7-7:30am GMT 

...making sure you zoom camera is in a place where I can see as much of you as you move as possible. 

Roll out your mat and start moving through the Ashtanga yoga series in your own time. 

If you're a complete beginner I will teach you the sequence one pose at a time in a way that you'll commit it to memory.  I also have illustrated practice sheets to use as prompts.

I'm here to tailor the sequence to suit your body.

Together, through my verbal instruction and your feedback, we'll make the sequence fit to you - so it really serves you and your body right now....and grows with you.

Ellie has a way of gently encouraging you to fully believe that you can do anything - I left R I S E  feeling stronger in my practice, more empowered and confident than I'd ever felt!



I worked with Ellie privately both for yoga classes and her ayurvedic yoga massage treatments. The combination of the two (plus some other exercises Ellie taught me) completely healed my chronic knee pain - I'm also a lot more confident and relaxed day to day now than I ever was before! 



Ellie's teaching is humble and intuitive. She just KNOWS: she understands the body, the mind and how to help you heal so well...I have no idea how she does it! 




one breath at a time 

ashtanga mysore-style

Self-practice is PERFECT for beginners to yoga because it helps to build confidence with foundational yoga postures and re-balance your body. 

Brining strength where there is weakness and space in places of tension, so your body moves with a sense of support and ease. 


there's only one you

personalised instruction

The Ashtanga yoga method is a set series of postures and I don't deviate from that system... but that doesn't mean that it's a  'one size fit's all' practice, because every body is unique.

I'm not here to fit you into the box of 'the perfect practice', I'm here to use my knowledge and experience to mould the postures to serve you...and keep moulding it as you change. 

...and then you have the independence and knowledge to practice yoga ANYWHERE - how cool is that?!


off the mat


I share this practice because nothing has transformed my life  more.

In my time as a teacher I've had the immense privilege of witnessing it work it's magic on countless others in their own unique way, and I can't wait to share it with you too! 

This sounds perfect for me, I'm in!

join us!

Have questions?

I've never been to a single yoga class before, is online Mysore a good place to start? 

I've never been to a single yoga class before, is RISE a good place to start? 

YES! This way of practicing is perfect fro complete beginners and beyond: all you need to build the foundational roots of you practice, so you can grow from there. 

Do I need any equipment to start? 

Do I need any equipment to start? 

NOPE! To begin with you only need your body and an open don't even need a yoga mat if you don't have one yet. Over time you might find it more comfortable with a yoga mat and maybe some props, such as: yoga blocks, a yoga strap, a bolster and a blanket. 

Will I be able to contact you if I have questions? or injuries?  

Will I be able to contact you if I have questions? or injuries?

YES ABSOLUTELY! You're free to contact me by email or 10/15minute video chat anytime if you have questions. 
If you do have any physical limitations or injuries, I do ask that you let me know before practicing, so I can give you some ideas to make the practice as safe as possible for you first. 

Can I try a class before I sign up? 

Can I try a class before I sign up? 

YES! Your first class is FREE! 

the investment










Rise above anxiety & self- doubt and towards balance and freedom.

Your personalised toolkit to ignite your way towards inner strength, confidence and balance. 

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