What’s the rush? The importance of creating space in your to-do list.

“The one in a hurry has no blessings” African Proverb

We’re often taught that being busy is a good thing. That being busy equals excitement, passion, success…but does it?

Over time – and a whole lot of yoga – I’ve come to think the complete opposite: The point of life is not to be busy, our intention is to make as much space as possible. The ‘between-moments’ and ‘small gestures’ are the ones the always mean the most to us, holidays are always better than work, we need them to take a break from our busy lives, yet we often strive to be busy instead of chill…which makes absolutely no sense right?!

Your yoga teacher probably talks a lot about ‘creating space’ in the body and mind, we focus on our breath as a an anchor to create space between our thoughts…so why not take that off the mat too?

Through asana (physical yoga postures) we create balance between strength and softness, so its all about setting the intention to do the same off the mat: to keep your busy/chill in balance too, ask yourself If you’re too busy then WHY are you cramming your life with all of these things, or if there’s too much space, are you fulfilled?

If we think of our energy as money of a second – I know, I know ‘time is money’ is the oldest cliche in the book! But it’s an easy way to think if it.. so if your energy is money (notice that I said energy, and not time there!), what would you spend it on? what would fulfil you the most and what you you get the most energy back from?

Theres paradise to be found in every step you take, wherever you are. When you make the space in your life to see that you’ll find that theres no real need to escape where you are right now.




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