Were better  together

One of my absolute favourite things about my personal yoga journey has been the connections I have made a long the way. I've made a yoga family of life long friends from every corner of the world...and that is what retreats are all about! We escape the norms for a week together to dive even deeper into our yoga practice, grow and connect to like minded souls in the process. 

I'm excited to see you for retreats and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Trainings in 2022 - dates to be announced very soon! 

Growth & Freedom

The journey through Ashtanga Yoga and spirituality in general, is less about performing fancy yoga shapes (although we do love that part!) and more about building a little toolbox of practices that help you feel, well, the most you that you can feel. Every day. To help you grow into the best version of yourself, find inner strength, freedom and to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

 This retreat is a safe space to come together to grow: and you'll leave with your own toolbox of practices to carry with you...and a family to support you through it all for years to come. 


Ellie has a way of gently encouraging you to fully believe that you can do anything.  I'd never done yoga before I joined her programme and I left  feeling more calm, empowered and confident than I've ever felt!



I worked with Ellie privately both for yoga classes and her ayurvedic yoga massage treatments. The combination of the two (plus some other exercises Ellie taught me) completely healed my chronic knee pain - I'm also a lot more confident and relaxed day to day now than I ever was before! 



Ellie's teaching is humble and intuitive. She just KNOWS: she understands the body, the mind and how to help you heal so well...I have no idea how she does it! 



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